Luxury Room Diffusers

Our diffuser collection is made using the finest ingredients, each element carefully chosen and then mixed by hand. Combined with a reed technology that requires less reeds to fill your space with beautiful perfume.

The reeds are made from a combination of cotton and other fibres engineered to give maximum performance using a specially developed structure that draws the perfume along the reeds entire length. Available in black or natural coloured reeds.

Our product range includes: Silver tops, square and round decanters with glass stoppers, square flasks and refills. Available in multiple sizes, boxed with ribbon trim. The Luxury Collection is packed in handmade boxes with organza bags.

Edition Intense Collection

Dark and moody scents…

Seven beautiful intense new perfumes for candles & diffusers. Hand made wooden packaging, trimmed with gold and black ribbon adds the feel of sheer luxury to the range. See the full perfume range here.

Square Diffuser

With silver/black or gold cap

Available in 2 sizes, with black reeds, white or black box and ribbon trim.

200ml Diffuser

Luxury boxed with black reeds

Available with silver/black or gold cap

Numbers Intense Collection (above) white frosted glass, 100ml silver top diffuser available in 8 different intense, spiky fragrances.

Black White Collection (right) white glass, luxury 100ml silver top diffusers available in 7 rich, dark and moody perfumes.

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