Hand Poured Perfumed Candles

Our Wonderful candle collection is made by hand using the very finest ingredients available. Each piece is hand poured with the addition of carefully selected perfumes also chosen for their fine quality. The candles are boxed or wrapped, each candle is wax capped to ensure the perfume always remains fresh and has a long shelf life if required.

Scroll down to see a selection of our glass domes, round glass candles, heavy black glass, metal and ceramic containers, our French Collection and more. Available in various sizes.

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Round glass candles, handmade tanks & Porcelain

Round candles

Popular and inexpensive, available in over 64 perfumes & 3 sizes, white gift boxed, cello wrapped & ribbon trimmed. White – Black – Clear Glass available in the No.3 size.


Three mirror glass, clear or frosted votives in a luxury white two piece box. Available in over 64 different perfumes.

Hand made square black strip tanks with mirror inserts

Available in 2 different sizes.

Square Clear Hand Made Glass Tanks

Available in 3 sizes. White Gift Boxed & Ribbon Trimmed, the largest size cello wrapped & ribbon trimmed.

Heavy black round glass

Filled with black wax and available in large and extra large.

Bark Finish Porcelain Bowl

Black luxury boxed, available in 1 size.

Hand Poured 50cl

Heavy glass candle, boxed, available in 1 size.

Round Multi Wick

Shallow round glass, luxury black boxed, cello wrapped and ribbon trimmed.


Edition Intense

A new collection of dark and moody scents

Six beautiful intense new perfumes, some including the wonderful ingredient, Oud, along with a carefully chosen list of other quality materials. This collection has been created to evoke some lovely dark and moody scents for candles & diffusers. Available in different sizes and Edition black luxury boxed.

The Connoisseur Tea Collection

Eight wonderful tea based scents for candles & diffusers

Available in 30cl candle and 100ml diffuser, all in a matching coloured glass container, boxed and trimmed. We can also provide the collection in clear glass made to order using the eight perfumes.

8 perfumes are available in this range:

  • Blackcurrant & Beetroot
  • Honeybush & Rosehip Tea
  • White Peony & Coconut Chai
  • Black Tea & Damask Rose
  • White Peony, Rose Tea
  • Moringa & Nettle Tea
  • Rooibos & Gotu Kola Leaf

Black Crackle Glaze Glass Candle

Available in 1 size, filled with perfumed wax, silver lid and luxury black box.

Amber & black spotted glass candle

Available in 3 sizes, filled with perfumed wax, trimmed and luxury boxed.

Hand Poured 30cl

Available in black, white or clear glass, ribbed, spotted or flowerpot style, cello wrapped with ribbon trim.

Glass T-Light holder

30cl Glass available empty or filled with beautiful perfumed wax.

Available in a 3 different colours, 2 styles and over 64 perfumes, please contact us for more details.


Sparkle Votives

Available in various sizes and four wonderful styles: Star, Pumpkin, Bobble and Flower

Colour types mixed per box

Organic Rim Candle Holders

Available empty, in 4 colours:

Pink, Smoke, Amber, Mocha

Micro Copper filled candles

Available in 2 different styles

Cello wrapped, lux boxing with ribbon trim available (detail of finish below).

Beaten Copper

Available in 2 sizes, small size boxed, large size cello wrapped

Beaten Brass

Available in 2 sizes, small size boxed, large size cello wrapped

Teardrop Mosaic candles

Available empty or filled with perfumed wax

Two styles and sizes to chose from, filled glass packed in boxes, wrapped and ribbon trimmed.
With a choice of 62 different perfumes.

Pineapple Raw Brass Antique

Available in 2 sizes, empty or filled with perfumed wax and boxed

Glass T-Light Holder with Shiny Purple Finish

Available empty or filled & boxed

Hurricane Hand Cut Ribbed Glass

Empty glass, available in 2 sizes

Rice Pattern Votive

Available empty or filled with perfumed wax and boxed


Handblown Glass Vases

Available in 3 different colours:

Smoke/green, blue/grey and amber.
Empty or filled with perfumed wax and boxed.

Numbers Intense Collection

1-8 Intense and spiky perfumes…

30cl Frosted and white glass candles, topped with a silver lid, available in 8 pure perfumes. Presented in white luxury handmade two piece boxes. 100ml white/frosted glass, silver topped diffusers are also included in this range.

Also available in 20cl frosted/white glass with tuck and fold box. Visit our Perfumes page for more details about the fragrances in this collection.

Black White Collection

Dark, moody and rich perfumes…

6 exciting new fragrances are available across No.3 candles and 100ml silver top diffusers, in handmade luxury two piece boxes with black and white striped ribbon trim and black reeds. Fragrances include: Basil and Italian Cypress, Lemon, Cedar and Oakmoss and Sandlewood, Leather and Jasmin. Visit our Perfumes page for more details.

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